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Spy School: Secret Ciphers

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This kit includes two fully equipped secret message cases for spies in training. Each case contains everything two kids need to keep their secret messages top secret, including UV ink pens, UV lights, red filters, code wheels, and more. From secret codes to secret folds, this kit has more than 30 undercover ways to write and send messages — even when people are watching! Budding cryptographers can learn and practice real-world codes such as Caesar’s Cipher, the Dancing Man, Pigpen Code, Moon Code, and Zig Zag. They can also practice hand signals and use message masks to thwart “enemy” agents. The Spy School: Secret Ciphers kit explores the science behind invisible inks, light waves, acids and bases, and fluorescence. There’s so much to cover, kids need a clandestine meeting to test their skills!