About Us

Hi! We are Colin + Nicole and we are so happy you're here. So what is "The Soap Bar"? The Soap Bar is a physical space where we nurture Community Sustainability.

Our mission is to serve the people of Angier, NC, and its surrounding towns, with the amazing resources that are right here in our community.

Whether its the physical resources of locally made products with natural ingredients that are good for you, the economic resources of supporting local businesses, artisans, and makers, or even the emotional resources of a community that is there to come along side you! We are pleased to bring you The Soap Bar: A Refillary and Local Mercantile shop.

Here is what you will find:

The Refillary

How does this space connect with The Yellow Bird, and why have a physical store when you can find our Yellow Bird products on our website, Amazon, and even social media? Well, that's a great question! And the answer is that this store will be a REFILLARY! A refillary is a place where your skin care products - and home cleaning products!! - can be refilled. You can bring your own jars of any kind and fill them with our Yellow Bird products. Good for you and good for the environment! We will also be able to offer bulk and heavier products, like bath salts and soaks, that wouldn't make sense to ship in our online store. And lastly, we will offer home cleaning products - yay! This local store will allow you to fully stock all your cabinets with ingredient conscious and all natural cleaning and beauty products!!

The Mercantile

When creating this space, I want to make sure it is inspiring to walk through and includes all my favorite things in one spot. If you have met me at all, you already know those things are new and used books, little crafty things for kids, unique home goods, curated decor, and baked goods - maybe even a sweet treat. And lastly, there will of course be a cozy place to sit, chat, and snack. We want you to enjoy coming in and feel refreshed after stopping by.

Come on over and hang out with us. We would love to see you guys in the shop!