January Jewelry

Our Favorite Things About Them

We met at Maker’s Summit and hit it off chatting about goals and dreams, and continued the conversations around small business, ideas, creating, and balancing life and motherhood. Melissa crafts beautiful jewelry and have enjoyed supporting each other in our similar endeavors!

Their Story

Owner and creator of January Jewelry, Melissa, lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband John, and daughter, Macy. She has been smithing since college in 2004 and was an art teacher before starting January jewelry in 2012 in her home studio. There is a beautifully messy balance to motherhood and owning your own business and she wouldn’t have it any other way.quote from maker's about page. Read more about them

Their Products

  • Sophisticated indie jewelry that embodies feminine and modern simplicity.
  • Handcrafted in Greenville, SC.

Our store carries some of the stunning earrings (and my favorite) pieces from January Jewelry. Shop this maker