Herban Roots

Our Favorite Things About Them

We knew Georgia and her family before we started The Yellow Bird, and their sunscreen was one of the first products we stocked! We love that their mission is just like ours - providing safe and affordable products that are great for you and great for the environment.

Their Story

"Toxic, chemical-rich skin care products that poison our bodies and harm the environment are a problem. Our mission here at Herban Roots is to be a part of the solution, by providing you with products that nourish, heal, and protect the body, made from sustainable resources and biodegradable ingredients that will have no negative impact on the planet. " Read more about them

Their Products

  • Safe, all natural, and biodegradable ingredients
  • Made from sustainable resources 
  • Handmade in North Carolina

Our store carries chemical free sunscreen from Herban Roots. Shop this maker